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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yup, you've been working out off and on for a while now.  In fact, some of your workouts are so intense that they should be chronicled alongside some of the greats.  But wait a minute, what's happening now?  You're not moving forward, you're eating more crap food, missing workouts and you don't seem to care at all.  Oh sure, you care enough to feel guilty about it, but you don't care enough to DO something about it.   Sad but true, you have lost your focus!

Where do you go from here?  Sometimes loss of focus can lead to days, weeks and even months of inactivity or even worse, total loss of what you once achieved.  The key is to NOT settle into the lost focus factor.  The key is to unleash what you once had.  The key is to find your passion again!

First let me say, we're not talking about just physical or mental burnout.   In many instances this can be the case and so you may need total rest and time away from the gym and even the "healthy" eating for just a bit.

How can find your focus when all things seem to be lost?  What's actually happening is this: your feelings are using YOU, and you're not USING your feelings.  You have let your emotions take the steering wheel.  They are now driving the car of mind and body.  It's time to take the wheel back.  It's time to put passion in play.

When things get cloudy for me I don't like it at all.  In fact, I'm at a level with my body and training where I KNOW BETTER than to sit on the lost "feelings".  Hear me out on this because I know this always gets people perturbed but it's true: your feelings can be your greatest asset or your fiercest enemy.  I don't care if you believe that or not.  If I had the time, maybe just 5 minutes with you, I could prove it to you time and time again.  Sometimes you just need to DO IT!

However, you can NOT disconnect from your emotions--at least not during a time of lost focus.  This only makes it worse unless you can fake it until you make it (I'll explain that shortly).

This is the model I follow.  Use it and you will WIN over the emotionally-driven quagmire of lost focus.

1. Ask yourself WHY!

Once you realize that it is not physical or mental burnout, you must immediately ask yourself the "why" question.  Why are you doing this?  Do you want to lose the muscle, body or success you've obtained thus far?  Are you really going to be happy watching others get what YOU want and what you have always wanted? Think about it and all the reasons why you want to reach your goals and about all the great benefits once you get there.  Don't just gloss through the questions.  Once I ask myself these questions, I begin to breathe again.  I begin to SEE again.  The dead bones come alive...again!

2. Ask yourself WHERE!

Where have you been and where do you want to go?   Look at your past.  Has it really brought you all the fulfillment you deserve and have ached for?  Think on the times when you were most unsatisfied with your body and health.  Do you want to go back there and live in that again? Consider your future and where you want to go?  How would your life change for the better if you reach your goals and dreams?  What does your body look like?  How does it feel to live in a vivacious, energetic and healthy body? See your time with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers as being completely different as you now OWN more confidence.

3. Ask yourself WHAT and Answer the Question with Action!

The question is not something you ponder for too long.  Basically, ask yourself, what must I do to get myself up out of this so I regain my focus.  If you've asked the abovementioned questions, your passion is beginning to come back.   You can feel the fire once again beginning to percolate.  But at this point you must help LEAD the feelings.  Don't let them LEAD you.  This can be achieved by just getting active. Don't cancel the workout--go do it.  If a voice in your head tells you to click on the TV instead, tell that voice to get out of your life.  You should not be waiting around wondering how you "feel" or if your passion is coming back.  By this point, it is coming back EVEN IF you don't FEEL it.  Get up and get busy.  

This is how I put it to all my clients.  Let your MOTION dictate your E-MOTION and not the other way around.  Fake it until you make it.  Once you begin to move, your emotions will quite often follow.  Remember, however, we should not disconnect from the emotions at this point.  Continue to ask the right questions so that the passion grows and doesn't get lost. 

What can drive the passion?  What can help to stir it up even greater as you begin to move forward and regain your focus?  One word...VISION!

The big problem with losing your focus is that you also lose hope.  Once we lose hope, we lose the passion and the purpose from which our dreams flow.  Here is where vision comes in. 

Vision ignites passion!  Vision ignites passion!  Say it with me again: Vision ignites passion!

I can't say it enough. 

Vision has the power to instill the passion that drives the necessary change you want.  The vision you create in your heart and mind must be very explicit.  

Envision your body exactly as you would want it to be.  See your legs, abs, chest and arms with crystal clear images in your mind.  Envision how family, friends and others will react to your new body and health when you walk in the room. 

Let your WANT drive your VISION.  You already KNOW what you want.  So now, SEE IT!

I use visualization while on the treadmill, while meditating before bed and then once again when I awake.  I use it all day long.

Are you ready to regain your focus through the passion you already have hidden and buried?

Let's do it!


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Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Man, sometimes it can just seem all too elusive. Peep this little story. Based on my own true experiences. While it doesn’t happen often, it does happen. 
Okay, so I get to the gym. I crank up the Mp3 player in my head. I do a minute or two of visualization. I focus on the coming workout. Then I flex the muscles for a minute or two in the bathroom mirror.   I’m ready to go. I leave the gym bathroom like I was heading into the ring for a heavyweight title fight (I remember those days). I mean, I’m feeling this. I get to the treadmill to warm up a bit. But wait…
What happens next is just ridiculous. I start a short walk or run and then I do something so bad that I will kick myself for it later in the day. In fact, I will kick myself all day. 
What is it that I do?
I grab my gear, hop off the treadmill and I leave. I flat walk out of the gym! I just drove thirty minutes to get to this gym only to look at myself in the mirror. Damn, I could have done that at home :)
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever just completely lost focus and felt defeated before even began? If not, consider yourself blessed. It happens to the best of us and there are ways to overcome it. 
However, I’m not talking about one workout here and there. I’m talking about being in a funk for days and maybe even weeks. I believe the answer to this disease comes down to one word…just one. I will reveal that in Part 2.
In this post I thought it would be good to share some of the thoughts and words of our DreamBodies team members and clients who have experienced the same. Following that I will discuss how I personally overcome it 99 out of 100 times. Hey, sometimes you’re just not in the mood. If that’s the case, go home and sleep it off. Here we go…
How do you find your focus if you lost it?
"When I get centered in my heart and find the answers to those questions - I am reminded of the inner & physical strength, courage and inspiration it provides me.  I recall that it makes me a more peaceful, enlivened, and passionate individual. I actually get to LOVE who I am by doing this!  It's as though when the fire has gone out, by focusing on the embers that are still smoldering, I am able to bring the fire alive again and find renewed energy to push myself harder.
It's important to know our own reasons for why we set out to achieve our dreams. Without knowing why, there is no fire that will burn long enough to light your path.  Eventually we all venture into the dark, unknown on the journey to our dreams... and knowing YOUR deepest reasons why will be your torch when you stand all alone." ---Cami Krueger
"I pick up the phone and I call you bro! Seriously I get that a lot from time to time and I noticed that it happens most when I’m stressed from work or the girlfriend. I like to do the music-visualization techniques you taught me. If that doesn’t work, I dig deep and just push through it at a much lower level of intensity for a while."   --- John Lester
"I lose myself in reading and writing about what I really want and what I don’t. This helps me to clarify my purpose. I think that sometimes we just need to step back. But I found that most times we hide behind that and let it linger too long. Get moving no matter what if the focus is hard to find. Move!!!"–- Daphne Gilmore
"I've had this happen more times than I care to admit! However, I've found what works for me. I take a week (or two) off! This DOES NOT mean that I eat crap and sit on my butt all day. There are times that I just need the break, though. I allow myself a few treats, work out only if I really want to, and in a week or two, I'm usually so fired up to get things rolling again that it's almost impossible to keep me from seeing major physique changes over the next few weeks."  –- Blondell Dalton
"Gosh, I hate when I lose focus and I feel like I'm only just getting out of it now.  Guess that's why I needed to hear your voice for almost 2 hours the other day (LOL).   All I can say is that for me I need someone like you to set me straight and put it all into perspective.  After we talked, I felt reborn and alive again.  Might sound weird, but that is how it felt.  People need to find others who can help them and encourage them especially if they don't get it at home.  My husband does not get it and it kills me.  Thank you Tony for being you.  You can't be replaced by anybody!" -- Jessica Navarra
When I lose focus I go back to what worked in the first place for me.  Some of the things you taught me about goal setting and mind conditioning has been invaluable.  I use it at work and in the gym.  My wife does too.  I find that when I spend time in mind conditioning and visualization, it brings me to a place where I have hope again.  I need hope.  Don't we all? -- Jim Barker
I feel like I'm drowning right now.  I lost my focus for everything 3 weeks ago when my boyfriend left me for this chick down the way.  At one time I was always able to get it back but now it seems harder.  What helped me in the past was to listen to some inspirational music and write in my diary.  But now, it's not happening :(  -- Dawn M
Thanks to all those who shared.  Dawn, hang in there.  Email me if you want some one-on-one.  I'll do what I can to empower you.  Your situation is rooted in your emotional state right now and that can be much more difficult to deal with.  I'll help you.
So how about you?  Have you lost focus?  Do you know how to get it back so that it lasts?
In part 2, I will share my personal strategy. 
Share your thoughts with us.
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