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Jackie Karnofsky Lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks!!!



“I laughed, but that would be a dream come true! I truly thought it was too late for me. At 55, 157lbs, through menopause, stressed out, uncontrollable blood pressure, under active thyroid, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, retaining water, winded, lack of energy, aches, pains, depressed, must I go on? A good friend of mine haunted me repeatedly to call Tony. She did & she looked great, but I felt that my case was different. I tried many diets and exercise, but all I did was yoyo. I got nowhere. Why should this work? Andrea was so insistent. So, I called Tony, a call that would change my life. I instantly liked Tony. He had these big muscles, looked so healthy & fit. He made me feel very comfortable. Tony asked me what my long-term goal was. All I wanted was to feel healthy once again. Losing weight would be an extra bonus123 lbs would be nice. Tony was so confident his plan of diet, exercise & mental strategy would melt the pounds off me. I laughed but that would be a dream come true. All Tony asked from me was commitment & we got started. Every exercise Tony planned out was fun & challenging. I never felt over-worked or really sore. I felt good. His diet was good too. I never felt hungry. 2 ½ months later & 40 lbs lighter, free from migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, aches, pains, my blood pressure is normal w/o meds.”
— Jackie Karnofsky, Farmingdale NY