Let us train you in our private studio. Our One on One training is totally tailored to your meet your specific goals. We utilize a variety of approaches to help you get into the best shape of your life—regardless of your history, current condition, age or limitations. If you want the body, we make it happen.

You may engage in cutting edge cardio protocols, bodybuilding/shaping and toning resistance training, plyometrics, cardio kickboxing, battle ropes, isometrics and much more. It all depends on your goals and dreams. Can’t travel to our private studio? In Home training is available. Choose the package that works best for you.

All sessions run approximately 60 minutes in duration. We also offer 30 Minute Turbo-Transformational sessions—get in and out in 30 minutes!

We offer packages ranging from 4 sessions all the way up to 60 sessions or more. All packages are prepaid. Contact us for pricing or to schedule your FREE Turbo trial session.

We also offer a NO-obligation body evaluation. Find out where you are with your body fat and fitness level. We go over everything from your diet and supplementation to your exercise program. We then offer concrete suggestions and tips on how to improve your current program. 



Receive the world’s best nutritional coaching, meal planning and dietary supplementation protocols from the expert. Tony DiCostanzo has been working with world class bodybuilders, figure/bikini models and athletes from all over the world for well over the past decade. You may want to lose or gain weight or maybe just lean out those last 5-10 pounds to get lean and ripped. Whatever your goal, we have the nutritional strategy.