"I had been lurking on two blogs that belong to Tony's clients.  The results of the ladies were amazing, not only physically but their attitudes as well.  At the time I was consistently weight training, eating somewhat clean, but needed that extra push.   That light at the end of the tunnel.  I was very skeptical of an online trainer but after following the logs and giving it logs of thought, I took a leap of faith with Tony.  Since then, I have had no regrets except for not starting sooner with Tony.

All my life I have been the "thick girl" admiring athletic looking females but now I am the "buff girl"!   For once, I am comfortable in my own skin.  I love my strong body and its capabilities.  All of this thanks to the information and support Tony has provided.  His workouts are fun, challenging and are never boringIt may sound funny but when I'm super motivated and nothing can stop me, I claim to my friends that Tony has been messing with my head.  Tonybelieves in me when no one else does.  I know he is always there for me.  Right now I'm training for my first figure competition and I can't imagine anyone but Tony guiding me through this life changing adventure.  I look forward every day to waking up and looking in the mirror because I know if I do exactly as Tony instructs, the mirror won't lie.

Tony, I'm beaming inside and so excited as to what the future holds for me and my body.   Thank you for everything!"

-- Holly Harris, Cleburne, TX