In May 2014 I had had enough. I was tired of being that girl.  You know the one I am talking about. You see her in the gym everyday yet her body never changes. I am 5'2 and at the time I weighed 133 pounds. I work full-time and am a mother who has undergone two C-sections.  I had zero muscle tone and my daily nutrition consisted of things that I thought were "healthy".  Every Monday was another “Day One” and by every Wednesday I would find myself secretly attacking my pantry.  If I had to count the number of peanut butter jars and oreos I consumed, it would shock you!

My entire life I had always wanted to have a specific look to my body and I was never able to achieve it. I wanted to look athletic, healthy and strong. I wanted definition in my arms and I wanted to be able to wear a pair of shorts without feeling self-conscious. 

A friend of mine had told me about the personal trainer she had been using so I decided to give him a call. From my initial phone consultation with Tony DiCostanzo I could tell that he was extremely knowledgeable, educated and very passionate about fitness and nutrition.  When I explained to him my goals of losing 15 pounds and putting on some muscle, he made me feel like they were “his” goals too.  He assured me that with his personalized meal plan, exercise regimen and accountability, he would guarantee results. I knew at that very moment this was exactly what I needed. I knew DreamBodies was the answer I had been searching for. 

After only eight weeks into the program I had lost 15 pounds!  Tony had changed my relationship with food. The emotional mindless eating and pantry attacks had finally come to an end. I learned how to eat to live and no longer lived to eat. 

As my body fat continued to drop I was craving more. I wanted to see how far I could push my body. I spoke with Tony about competing and he explained to me the dedication and work that would have to go into it. This was what I wanted. I wanted it so bad that I could taste it, and he assured me that he would be there every step of the way. I went online and we decided on the Federation for me to join.  I then registered for my very first bikini competition. The next few months were tough but Tony kept his word and was truly there through it all.

On June 27, 2015 with the confidence and mental strength that I had gained from working with DreamBodies, I took the stage!  I was up against some tough competition. Tony had called me just before prejudging and he said "No one and nothing else exists, you already won!"  With my heart pounding and my head held high, I stepped out into the bright lights and I rocked the heck out of that stage!  As my trophy still sits on a tabletop in my living room, I look at it every day and still cannot believe that I actually did it.

The body I had once only dreamed about was finally a reality. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was actually attainable. Even after explaining all of my concerns to Tony, not once did he doubt me.  That being said, it made me not doubt myself.  

To stand in front of a mirror and feel strong, confident and beautiful is something many of us women have a very hard time with. DreamBodies has done so much more than just transform my body. The mental strength and confidence I have gained is indescribable.  After all this time, I can finally look in the mirror and see the beauty that is looking back at me. 

DreamBodies continues to give me the tools and support I need to push my body and my mind beyond any and all limits. DreamBodies has taught me that anything and everything is possible when you believe in who you are.  It also really helps to have an expert by your side helping you every step of the way.  Although my journey has really only just begun, I feel as if nothing is impossible. If you want something, go get it, fight for it, and never give up.  Thank you Tony DiCostanzo and DreamBodies for helping me achieve the body and my dreams!